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Tumor only Agents: Cancer Cell Specific agents that target cancer cells but do not affect normal cells. 

See: Liver tumors & TOS which has the full report of a 15 year research feeding study on the effects of Vitamin E acetate that promoted liver carcinomas versus Vitamin E succinate that prevented liver carcinomas.  

The following describes agents that specifically increase apoptosis in cancer cells but do not affect normal cells nor cause general toxicity.  As referenced in the above report on TOS & hepatocellular carcinoma, the following are such "Agents".

1. Apigenin Chem. structures

2. Exisulind  Chem. structures

3. α-Tocopheryl acetate (the ester) (TOA) at increased dietary concentrations promotes certain types of cancers.  Chem. structures

4. α-Tocophery ether acetate (α-TEA), in contrast to TOA, leaves the carboxy group free, and it is more stable than TOS.  Chem. structures

5. α-Tocopheryl succinate (TOS) has been shown by many studies to attack cancer cells but leaves normal cells unharmed. Chem. structures

6. Triphenylphosphonium tocopheryl succinate (TPTOS). Chem. structures

7. Trolox Chem. structures

8. Point radiation.

9. Other agents, not discribed.