Photo 1A: HCC numbers and vitamin E acetate levels shown in Figure 1:
Diet group 1 livers had no tumors. At top, samples 182, Grn, Ylw and Blu.
Diet control group 2 livers shown here in numbers 183 and 225. This group
had an average of 0.25 nodules per liver slice at 10 months and 0.7 at 14.5
months. Of the six livers shown here only 225 Blu had any tumors.

All livers are on a 3 cm square black mat.

Photo 1B: Livers of groups 7 and 8 with HCC numbers and vitamin E acetate levels shown in Figure 1:
Diet 7 with extra E-Ac at 0.16% (samples 207) shows promotion of both hepatomegaly and tumors. This group at 10 months on the diet had an average of 2.9 nodules per examined slide.
Diet 8 with 1.6% E-Ac caused an average of 6.8 HCCs per liver slide in addition to morphological damage and hepatomegaly.

Photo 2: Comparing the difference in effect of E-Ac versus E -Su (See Figures 2
and 3): Only diet 34 fish had HCCs at 10 months on the diets. As seen here diet 32
caused bleaching, but it had no tumors. Note the difference in liver size of group 34
versus groups 31-33.

Photo 3: Characteristic tumor from fish 519 Blu of Diet 34, Figure 3. Diet 34 had 1.75 grams vit. E acetate and 0.13 grams vit. E succinate per KG diet.

Photo 4: Livers of diet groups 68 with 0.5% E-Su and 69 with 0.5% E-Ac.
Group 68 had an average liver size of 1.2 % of fish body weight while group 69 had enlarged livers with an average of 3.0 % of the fish body wt. Figure 4 shows the HCC numbers and the Vitamin ester level for each diet.

Photo 5A: Vitamin A deficiency at a level of 512 i.u. per Kg of diet number 27
caused an Average of 4.3 HCCs per liver slice compared with 1.5 HCCs in diet.

Photo 5B: Slides from fish 496G on diet 27 with tumor juxtaposed to benign cells and showing reticulin around the 2 cell hepatic cords in benign areas and less or no reticulin in the tumor. Diet 27 was vitamin A deficient at only 500 i.u. per Kg diet.

Photo 5C: Liver slides from fish 498Y on diet 28 in Figure 5 showing normal reticulin pattern (no tumor). Diet 28 had vitamin A at 2560 i.u. per KG diet.